Ivy Hills Havanese

AKC Grand Champion & Champion Simcox's Saving Grace CGC  "Gracie"


I had planned on my next dog to be from my own breeding but then came Gracie.   I was helping her breeder evaluate two litters when I saw her.  She was a stunning puppy!  I wasn't in a position to have a new puppy having been diagnosed with cancer the week before and surgery scheduled the next day.  It would probably be considered a bad idea but with Gracie, it was the best decision I could have made.  That is why I named her Saving Grace because that is what she has become to me.  She kept me going through chemo and gave me the extra reason I had to get out of bed.  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! 

She was the star pupil in her conformation class and I knew from the moment she stepped on the mats that she was incredible.  On her second weekend showing, she won huge.  It was in Columbus, Ohio at a large four day show.  The first day she won her 6-9 mos. class of five puppies.  She then went on to get Reserve Winners Bitch to the major.  I was pretty happy with that but then the next day she did even better.  She won her class and then went on to win Winners Bitch.  The icing on the cake was when she won Best of Winners for a 4 point major! 

Gracie did it again!  At the Cincinnati Kennel Club show in Hamilton, Ohio she won nicely.  She received her second major and now has 8 points to her championship.  She is more than half way there!  She is the most loving dog who knows no stranger.  I can't wait to see her grow and all the things she can accomplish along the way.



                     Gracie's first few days here                                               first stack


                                         Here is Gracie's winning picture from Columbus show.


                   Here Gracie is winning her second major at the Cincinnati Kennel Club show.


 The following weekend after the Cincinnati show, we were up in Toledo for the Lake Erie Havanese Club Specialty.  Gracie won a huge class and then went on to win Best in Sweepstakes!  I have to thank Liz Simon for choosing our girl for this great award!

***NEWS FLASH!!!*** Gracie has always been an outstanding dog but now she has outdone herself!  I took her to Richmond, Va. for the Havanese Nationals.  There were over two hundred dogs being shown that week.  At the Regional Specialty at the Nationals, Gracie won huge.  She won Winners Bitch for a five point major.  Then went on to win Best of Winners over more than 75 dogs.  She now only needs two points to finish her championship.  I am over the moon for this girl and couldn't be happier with her accomplishments!


              Here is Gracie's Best of Winners picture at Nationals for the Regional Specialty.




Gracie is now an AKC champion!  The first weekend out showing after Richmond, Va., she won winners bitch, best of winners, and best of opposite sex over a female special to finish.  Or so I thought. After talking with  the superintendent, he confirmed that she indeed had finished.  Then I counted again and realized that we needed one point to finish.  The next weekend in Lebanon, Indiana she truly did get that last point to secure her Championship.  It was a great ride through the whole experience from the first point to the last!  The memories will last me a lifetime. 


                        Gracie's Championship picture.  The wind made this picture all "natural".



Eye CerfNormal HV-5682/2008-14 
Patellas NormalHAV-PA2114/13F/P-PI 
HipsGood HAV-2120G37F-VPI
Baer testing Normal HAV-BR3196/20F-VPI 
Cardiac NormalHAV-CA1266/24F/C-VPI

      She has normal pre and post bile acid test for liver function.  You can see all of Gracie's health testing by clicking on this icon and it will take you directly to her page.  offa.org


               With CD being a problem with this breed, I always soap my dogs to show off their legs.  This is Gracie's soaps taken on 4/21/08.  She is full grown at this point so this is the way her legs will stay.

Gracie is now moving on to her next career.  She passed her Canine Good Citizen testing with ease.  That is why she has CGC after her name.  It is another title she has received through AKC. 

We then went on to the Delta Society evaluation.  We are now a Pet Partner team through the Delta Society!   We are starting to make our visits at a local hospital and Hospice of Cincinnati.  Hospice of Cincinnati is special to me because they took great care of my Dad when he was dying of Cancer.  It is nice to be able to give back to such a great organization. 

She will be able to show what great healers this breed can be.  Here is our official picture for our badge.


When AKC came out with a new conformation title called the Grand Champion, decided to bring Gracie back out into the show ring.  She is a natural show dog and so easy to show.  She started to rack up the points her first weekend out.  We needed 25 points with 3 majors, 3 wins over other specials and win under at least 4 judges.  Gracie is a new Grand Champion!  She finished in just five weekends out as a special.  She finished with 7 majors and 28 points.   Here are some pictures of her wins.


                                                                Group 4 win!