Ivy Hills Havanese
Clare has given birth to four puppies on Oct 28th.  Two girls and two boys.   All puppies are reserved pending eight week evaluation.  

The theme for this litter is the NFL.  Our family loves the Fall season with all of the great things that come along with it including football.  We watch college games on Saturdays and professional games on Sunday.  All of the puppies are named after Quarterbacks.

                                       We are almost 6 weeks old!

We are playing all the time.  We have started eating mush three times a day and love it.  Our schedule is eat, potty, play and sleep but not necessary in that order.  Enjoy our new pictures.


                The girls-   

                                                                       Miss Peyton  



                                                                       Miss Flynn 

                The boys-      


                                                                    Mr. Dalton  

                                                                Mr. Griffin