Ivy Hills Havanese

This page is dedicated to all of the wonderful people who have given our puppies the loving homes they deserve.  It also gives people looking for the right pet a chance to see how our puppies look when grown.  The pictures show what great dogs they have become.  I will provide references upon request.   


                                                          Mimsy (Maggie+Dante)
                                                            Peri (Maggie+Dante)

                                                               Max (Maggie+Dante)


Rugey as a young pup above and then with his owner below.   These pictures show how much a Havanese can change in color.  He was all black with a few white markings during the first few weeks of life but as you can see, he will be a grayish blue like his grandmother.  A stunning color!


                     Reme' (Gracie+Cooper)
           Charlie (Maggie+Dante)                                               Maggie/Rocky litter



                                Maggie/Rocky litter                                                         Puppy love


               Bria (Maggie + Rocky)  at eight weeks in first picture and then eight months in second.


                                                                  Bria with her family!


                                                      Macy with her big brother Boone.