Ivy Hills Havanese

Pheny and Lulu are the resident comedians.  We brought them home at the tender age of three weeks old.  Goats need to be bottle fed in order to totally bond with their human caregivers.  These two are the most loving animals around the barnyard.  My girls wanted the goats to show in 4-H and to be their pets.  It was a great choice. 

This is Lulu.  Lauren belongs to her totally.  The two are kindred hearts with the same spunk and enthusiasm for life.  Lauren and Lulu started showing at the Dearborn county 4-H fair.  There were eight goats in their class.  Our girls won the class!  It was an exciting way to start their career.


Then there is Pheny.  He has an emotional side just like Kaylee.  He is a deep thinker and very sweet.  Their first time in the ring was at the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Nationals in Greenfield, Indiana.  They won their class of five!  Kaylee was so excited to win.  Then they went back in the ring for the champion title.  The judge pulled Kaylee and Pheny out for the Grand Champion Wether!  They won a huge rosette and a embroidered chair.  It was an exciting day!   We want to thank Kate Helms from Helmstead Minis for our wonderful goats.  She has been a wealth of information for us.