Ivy Hills Havanese

Sara (AKC Grand Champion Ivy Hills Like The Angel)

I'm proud to announce that Sara will be staying here with us.  She has grown into a beautiful puppy with a great structure and personality.  I named Sara "Like the angel" after my son, David.  It was the title to one of his favorite songs.  We tragically lost him on December 18, 2009 at the age of seventeen.  The litter was 5 weeks old and gave me the reason I needed to get going every morning.  David was one of my biggest supporters with the dogs.  He showed Maggie in juniors when he was younger.  We would go off for the weekend to dog shows and have a blast.   I will terribly miss my roadie and navigator until we see each other again.  I love you with all my heart, Dave!



                                         Dave and Maggie at the Toledo show in 2006



                     Sara at one week old                                           Sara at two weeks old.


                                           Siblings Jazz, Sara and Kitty.  Sara is on the right.

Sara started showing in Tallmadge, Oh.  She learned the ropes quickly and is becoming an awesome show dog.  On her second weekend out, Sara won huge.  It was at the during the Cincinnati kennel club show in Hamilton, Oh.  There was a nice turnout of Havanese in fact one dog shy of a five point major.  She won Winners bitch and Best of Opposite sex for a four point major!  She reminds me of her mom, Gracie, with her style and flare. 

I took both Gracie and Sara to San Mateo, California for the Havanese Nationals.  The first day, Gracie made the cuts in best of breed all the way to the end.  At Nationals, Sara was entered in the Bred by  class.  There were 24 beautiful dogs entered in the same class.  The judge broke the class down into two groups with Sara in the second.  Our group went from 12 cut down to 4 with Sara making the final cut.  Then the two groups were brought back together in the ring.  The judge gave Sara a fourth place out of 24!  It was an exciting win to say the least.  Both girls showed like the professionals I knew they could be.  Thanks to everyone who cheered us on.   



I took Sara back to the Havanese Nationals in 2011.  She showed in the open class and during the regionals placed fourth place.  Then made the cut during Nationals.  


Sara's show career has gone by so fast.  She finished her championship in Ft. Wayne, Indiana by going Best of Breed over three specials!  She went on that day to get a pull out of a huge toy group with top ranked dogs. 


Her special career started the day after she finished in Ft. Wayne.  She has to date, five majors, five wins over other specials and one Best of Breed win in just five days of showing.  She needs three single points to finish her grand championship!   Sara finished her Grand Championship in Indianapolis at the February show in just three shows!


I started health testing Sara as a puppy by doing her Baer testing.  I then proceeded to do all the other testing as soon as she was old enough.  I'm proud to say she has passed all of the health tests.  Here are the results below or you can find them on her OFA page here.


 Baer testing
 ElbowsNormal HAV-EL1353F25-VPI