Ivy Hills Havanese

This page is dedicated to all the Havanese who have been born with health problems.  Let all of us learn from past mistakes and bring that knowledge into the future.  There are scientists who are working on finding the genes associated with the health problems plaguing our breed.   Until that time comes, we have to do our best by fully health testing the dogs we plan to breed.   It is essential that we follow the pedigrees to see what has been produced in past generations.   As humans, that is all we can do.  Mother nature sometimes has other plans and in those cases, it's good to have a breeder who will stand by you.  Check the contracts that each breeder is offering.  It should have a buy back clause in case it doesn't work out and a genetic guarantee.  Some contracts are for a year while others are for the lifetime of the puppy.  Buyer beware.

Whether you are a pet buyer or someone who wants to show and breed, this should be important to you.  You want that precious puppy to be with you for the expectant lifetime of a Havanese.  So, be sure to check the health testing on the sire and dam of your prospective puppy.  Verify the information on the OFA website by typing in the registration number or name of the dogs.   All you have to do is go to offa.org

The health testing that should be done depends on the age of the dogs. 

If they are over one year old, they should have:

  • Annual eye cerf-  This is an annual eye checkup by a canine opthamologist
  • Cardiac check- This is a one time test where an cardiologist checks the heart for murmurs.
  • Baer testing- This is a one time hearing test to make sure the dog is hearing from both ears.
  • Patella certification- This is a one time check to make sure the dog doesn't have patellar luxation.
  • Pre and post bile acid test- This is a blood test taken before the dog eats and then another draw after he/she consumes food to check to see how the liver functions. 
  • If the dog is to be bred before two years old, they should have a prelim hip x-ray evaluated by OFA.
If they are over two years old, they should have all of the above and:

  • Official hip x-ray evaluated by OFA
  • Elbow certification
  • Legg-Calve- Perthes evaluation.

I hope this information helps anyone out there looking for their first Havanese.  This breed is a great one with the same amount of health problems as other purebred dogs.  We are trying to be proactive in our breeding program so that we can be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. 

Havanese puppies can range in prices.  It can be anywhere from $500 to $2500.  It all depends on what kind of breeder they are and how much they put back into their dogs.  There are Havanese being bred in puppy mills so it is essential to visit the breeders home to see where your puppy was raised.  Good breeders will welcome you into their home.  They will be completely honest about health testing.  Not always, but most of the time, they are involved with their dogs in obedience or conformation showing.

Good luck with your search!   


                                                    Betzie Boo (1/9/08-5/26/09)